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The worst thing you can do is nothing.

Tech Job Fair Vienna 2022.pdf

Conference:  Vienna Tech Job Fair 2022
Location: Vienna Austria
Date:  June 2022

Today it is important to move on because being a static target is not an option today. At Nordcloud, An IBM Company Austria, we are adapting the ways of work every year, every month, every day. It is crucial to adapt fast and that's our spirit!...

Gomplate - What else?

Gomplate - What else?

Conference:  CNCF KCD AfricaGomplate -  What Else?
Location: Virtual/Hybrid
Date:  April 2021

Gomplate is the Swiss army knife when it comes to automation. Why? Well, everything you automate which is used more than once, needs dynamic inputs but reproducible output! A lot of utilities support variables, but how can you change them based on certain input?...

Von 1 zu 100k CI/CD Jobs pro Monat in 3 Jahren

Conference: Scale Up 360
Location: Virtual/Hybrid
Date:  February 2021

Im April 2017 starteten wir mit genau einem CI/CD in unserer GitLab-CE on Premises Installation. Drei Jahre später, im November 2020, laufen mehr 100000 CI/CD Jobs pro Monat.

Rescued By Kanban!

Rescued by Kanban!

Conference: GitLab Heroes Summit 2021
Location: Virtual / Worldwide
Date:  Spring 2021

Kanban is the best tool when it comes to work organization. A SRE team with software and system engineers will have to handle different tasks. Use GitLab Kanban boards and change your organization of how you work. Rescued by Kanban! Thank you! ...

From 1 to 100k CI/CD jobs per month in 3 years

From 1 to 100k CI_CD jobs per month in 3 years

Conference: 2020
Location: Virtual/Hybrid Berlin/Munich
Date:  Autumn 2020

Starting in April 2017 with exactly 1 CI job running inside our on-premise Gitlab-CE installation we raised to more than 50000 pipeline jobs per month at the end of 2019. Why and how did we come to this point? This talk will give you an insight ...

To Go Where No One Has Gone Before...


Conference: GitLab Commit 2020
Location: Virtual / Worldwide
Date: Summer 2020

In 2015 we started to use GitLab-CE at STRABAG. After using OpenVZ containers since 2006 my team and I decided to move to Docker in 2017. We ran our first GitLab pipeline job in 2018 and now we are running more than 50k jobs per month. ...

From Zero to Hero - Onboarding with GitOps

From Zero to Hero - Onboarding with GitOps

Conference: DevOps Gathering
Location: Bochum Germany
Date:  Spring 2020

With all hands on deck, we managed it surprising easily not only to onboard the new colleague within a couple of weeks, we onboard a developer to our team in parallel too! Today we are real SRE-team, ...

connect2019 Job fair

Conference: connect2019 Job fair
Location: Klagenfurt Austria
Date: Autumn 2019

Together with my colleagues from the software department and the human resources department we were at the connect2019 job fair at the university of Klagenfurt. As last year we also gave an impulse talk. This year we covered all topics of digita ...

Podman: Container ohne Daemon und Root-Rechte

Publication: JAXenter
Date: Autumn 2019

Podman ist seit seinem ersten Release im Februar 2018 rasant gewachsen und wird mittlerweile vielerorts als Ersatz für Docker gehandelt. Das eine durch das andere zu ersetzen, klingt logisch. Jedoch ist eine Synergie oft besser – gemeinsam mehr ...

Macht der Einsatz von Kubernetes wirklch immer Sinn

Publication:  Entwickler Magazin
Date:  Summer 2019

Kubernetes nur wegen Kubernetes einzusetzen oder weil der Einsatz ohne Grund als notwendig erachtet wird (Hype), stellt den falschen Ansatz dar und kann zu einem sehr großen Anstieg der Komplexität führen, weilcher am Ende sowohl Entwickler als ...

C4: Continuous Culture Change Challenges

C4 - Continuous Culture Change Challenges

Conference: DevOps Gathering
Location: Bochum Germany
Date: Spring 2019

In less than a year we have managed to change our working culture from throwing information over the great wall between Dev and Ops to a failure tolerant, management accepted honored culture. We have enabled colleagues to unleash their bygone fo ...

GitOps: DevOps in real Life.

Conference: Vienna DevOps & Security Meetup
Location: Klagenfurt Austria
Date: Summer 2018

Container-Technologien in einem On-Premises Umfeld einzuführen bringt viele Veränderungen mit sich. Besonders die Evolution in der Zusammenarbeit zwischen den Teams, sowie der ständige Wandel und die Weiterentwicklung der Technologien, führen zu ...

Docker: DevOps Unleashed.

Conference: DevOps Gathering
Location: Bochum Germany
Date: Spring 2018

The “I have no time daemon” leads the Ops into a situation where they are working like beasts but in the end they feel like as they are trapped in quicksand. Ops are trying to escape this trap, but the harder they try, the more they will be trap ...